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Cleaning Supervisor

Bruce Lamshed

I was visiting from my home on the Gold Coast and decided to stay. I walked into WRAY, asked if there were any jobs and started the next day.

My secret skill

An eye for detail and a fastidious nature.  Near enough is not good enough with cleaning – it has to be perfect.

Best Whitsunday experience

Sailing around the top end of Hook Island and the beautiful bay known as the Pinnacle. The rocky outcrop known as The Woodpile is quite amazing.

About Bruce

Cleaning supervisor Bruce Lamshed has worked as a sound engineer in the film industry in Melbourne, mined opals in the New South Wales outback town of Lightning Ridge and held a range of casual jobs on the Gold Coast, but his move to the Whitsundays is the best he’s made.

“The Whitsundays climate is great, everyone’s friendly and there is a laid-back atmosphere to the lifestyle which suits me,” Bruce says.

Bruce joined WRAY as a cleaner in late 2007 and became supervisor in mid-2010. During the high season, there can be up to seven cleaning staff  working around the clock to clean vessels prior to charter.

“We could have 12-15 boats being worked on at once. Sometimes we have them ready for charter a day before they’re due out, sometimes we finish with five minutes to spare,” Bruce says.

Bruce says he runs “a tight ship” with exacting standards. "People pay up to $1,500 a night to sail on one of our boats and they expect cleanliness. Having a clean boat creates a good first impression and it’s one of the reasons charterers come back. I'm proud that when our customer feedback forms come back, cleaning is rarely rated anything but ‘excellent’.

"All boats are cleaned inside and out – every room, surface and appliance. We vacuum mattresses, clean barbecues, sanitise toilets, fill water tanks and empty rubbish. We polish stainless steel, wipe down exterior upholstery, clean the windows and everything in between. Boats are notoriously hard to clean because they have so many little nooks and crannies and it’s our job to make them sparkle.”

Depending on the size of the boat and its condition post-charter, it can take two people about four hours to clean a small monohull and up to 10 hours to clean a big catamaran.

When he’s not working on the boats, Bruce loves to get out on the water and his vessel of choice is a small monohull because “they’re faster, more fun and challenging.”

Charterer's tip

Take advantage of a mid-charter turnaround – available to eight-night charters. It’s a great chance to change the linen, refuel, fill water, empty rubbish and stock up.

Cleaning supervisor Bruce Lamshed on board a Whitsunday Rent A Yacht charter yacht

Cleaning Supervisor, Bruce Lamshed.

Cleaning supervisor Bruce Lamshed on board a Whitsunday Rent A Yacht sailing catamaran
Cleaning supervisor Bruce Lamshed in the galley of a Whitsunday Rent A Yacht charter yacht