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Base Repairs Complete

WRAY briefer, skipper, and all-round nautical expert, Mike Dicker, blogs about the Whitsundays from his unique on-the-water perspective.

Just over six months ago, Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie touched down over the Whitsundays. It’s hard to imagine the damage now, as we celebrate a new chapter for the WRAY base, as our post-cyclone repairs have at long last reached their completion.

When staff first returned to the base post-cyclone, we were confronted with a severely damaged jetty –no longer connected to the main jetty, an operations office in ruin, and a private vessel had crashed into the rear deck outside our reception office, and lay in a wreck underneath our building. The WRAY team and our fantastic charterers have shown resilience and compassion during the restoration and construction process, and we are delighted to be able to welcome our charterers – past and new to our facilities that are better than ever.

A new floating jetty has been installed and re-attached to the main jetty and operations office, allowing direct and easy access to vessels via the jetty once more. The operations office has been repaired and refurbished, and the rear deck has been completely rebuilt. Shute Harbour itself has returned to its picturesque state once more, as vegetation has regrown and marine life such as dolphins, turtles and even a few whales have returned. The restoration placed additional pressure upon the WRAY team as we continued our charter activities.

Those who chartered while our jetty was under repair and could only access their vessels via tender were incredibly understanding. The team at WRAY sincerely appreciate your patience and good humour during this time, we could not have asked for a better response. We are happy to have come out from Cyclone Debbie stronger and more resilient, and as the photos in this post illustrate our facilities are looking better than ever!

We look forward to welcoming all of our charterers, past and new, to our completely restored base.

Our newly repaired deck at our Shute Harbour base.