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Summer Sailing

WRAY briefer, skipper, and all-round nautical expert, Mike Dicker, blogs about the Whitsundays from his unique on-the-water perspective.

The Whitsundays is stunning all year round, especially in the summer months. Why not secure a great holiday price, enjoy some scenic views and explore the reefs! If you think a week on the water in a Whitsunday summer could be a bit warm for your liking, read through our tips on staying cool over your summer charter holiday!

How hot is it?

 Temperatures in the summer months range between a balmy 24 – 30 degrees. In December and January you are most likely to encounter winds of an Easterly and North Easterly direction. The northerly winds are what bring in the warmer weather and sea temperatures. In February the wind can swing around and you may encounter more South Easterly breezes.

Best anchorages for the summer months?

You will want to avoid anchorages/moorings that are exposed to the northerly winds when they’re blowing, this will be far more comfortable and cooler. An anchorage with a great swimming beach or some snorkelling sites will be a bonus way to cool down! A few we recommend when the northerly winds are blowing:

Chance Bay, Whitsunday Island – Soft sand, great swimming and sunbaking
Stonehaven, Hook Island – Beautiful coral reefs great for snorkelling
Cid Harbour, Whitsunday Island – Great rainforest walking trails, picnic areas and soft sandy beaches

Best vessel type for Summer

When budgets allow for it, an air-conditioned vessel makes summer sailing a little more comfortable, but you won’t want to be inside the boat all day. Air conditioning requires the use of a generator, which can be noisy and may spoil the tranquillity of a quiet evening on anchor.

Keeping cool without an air conditioner is possible! Opt for a vessel that has ample shade cover in the cockpit, and if it has sails – even better. Sailing is a great way to feel that refreshing breeze. Open your cabin hatches whenever you’re anchored – but remember to close them when travelling or if there’s any sign of rain!

Some vessels may have cabin fans, these can help a lot with air flow down below. A boarding platform also makes a great place to sit and sip on a sundowner as you dip your feet in the water.   

What should we eat?

Keep your provisioning easy and quick to prepare, the less time you need to spend in the galley the better! Barbeques are perfect as these can be cooked outdoors. Pre-prepared seafood and fruit platters can be ordered from Whitsunday Provisioning, perfect for effortless yet crowd-pleasing catering! Small light meals like salads, dips, antipasto platters with breads and crackers are also quick to whip up and will keep you cool and nourished.

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