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Everyone wants their charter boat holiday to go ahead as planned, but occasionally the unexpected happens. That's why we recommend travel and cancellation insurance.

When planning your bareboat holiday in the Whitsundays, we strongly suggest you take out travel insurance. This is in relation to your personal travel insurance, not your vessel insurance.

A small investment when you book ensures you’re protected should your holiday be interrupted by illness, a family emergency, severe tropical weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

It is particularly important to take out travel insurance with cyclone cover if you’re holidaying with us over the summer period which is also our wet season. While there are many benefits to sailing the Whitsundays in the wet season, the weather conditions can vary.

If we had to recall boats because the weather was considered to be a threat to our customers' safety then we would not be liable for any lost time, expenses or hire fees. This policy applies to all bareboat operators in the Whitsundays. Again, this is why we suggest everyone gets personal travel insurance.

What Insurance should I get?

We suggest that Australian residents refer to Oceanic Marine Insurance Brokers who have a range of policies available and specialize in bareboat charter coverage. Oceanic provide cyclone warning endorsement, unlike some other providers.

You can get a quote here

Additionally, you may wish to consider taking out the bareboat hirers' liability policy through Oceanic Marine Risks. Further details on liability policy are available here

For international travellers please refer to your preferred travel insurance provider before travel.

Under the Financial Services Reform Act, we can not legally advise you on insurance matters. However, the staff at Oceanic Marine Risks are happy to help you with your questions.
Phone: (07) 4946 7555


A rope winch on the deck of a Whitsunday Rent A Yacht charter yacht with a person standing by the mast in the background

The right insurance for your charter will give your peace of mind and make your holiday smooth sailing all the way.